5 Questions 4 Social Web Strategist

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Mr. Owyang (black short sleeve shirt) continues his insightful tour painting fascinating pictures of the future of the social media landscape.   I subscribe to his feed at Web-Strategist.com.  Mr. John Mccrea (infront of Mr. Spock) is head of Marketing for a small social web company you may have heard of, Plaxo.  You can subscribe to John’s blog here.  These two men represent two of social web’s most authoritative voices.  Compared to their knowledge and understanding of social media now and where it is going in the next five years, I am a Homer Simpson social web wanna be.
If you followed my tweet to this page, thank you.  If you are a media outlet (TV, Radio, or Print) from a city other than Tallahassee, Florida, I hope that you will watch and listen to this very, very carefully.  If you are a media outlet from Tallahassee,  the same word of caution applies.
Here are a few questions to consider:
  • What is your media channel doing to understand social web communities?
  • What role does senior management have in developing new ways to train staff on social web strategies?
  • How do you respond to Jeremiah’s statement about “old models” of advertising?
  • How does your company view new opportunities in Social Colonization?
  • How do you deliver smaller more contextual, relevant products to you clients?
If you haven’t already begun asking these types of questions, this is a great starting point.  As a marketer, I am very intrigued at this moment in media history.  With the wide spread adoption of social web across all demographics, leveraging the audiences of prime time media was only available to big budget players. Now, the prime time placement playing field has been leveled.  Posting a contextual and relevant message through social media channels to a niche market is just as effective at a fraction of the cost.
What happens next?

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