Experience as a Brand

Having spent much of my professional life centered in the customer service industry, my experience with a business or service tells me a lot about the future of that business.  This morning I took my oldest to the orthodontist for a visit.  She is on the last leg of treatment for her braces.  The first time I visited the office, I was impressed with the small office set up.  There was a TV in the wall with a remote control for smaller kids to play video games and a larger TV mounted on the wall for parents while waiting.  As added incentive to keep up with regular cleaning and care, the young patients are given tokens redeemable for prizes.  I was dazzled by my new orthodontist.

Then they moved.  Often when businesses move, the cost of upgrading and the move is beyond the scope of the budget.  Not only did my orthodontist complete the upgrade to the building, but careful detail was taken into consideration in the service experience.  Dr. Stevens must view his clinic’s service as a brand in and of itself.  If my middle school daughter is willing to risk fashion ridicule by wearing her Stevens Orthodontist t-shirt to school, then Dr. Stevens has successfully created experience as a brand. Watch out Holister, Abercrombie, and Guy Harvey, DoctorSO is crashing the fashion party!

When I go to Stevens Orthodontics, I know that I have a fresh ground cappuccino waiting. If my youngest has to go with me to wait on her big sister, she will be completely entertained by a beautiful beach mural, or the plasma TV mounted at kid eye level, or the huge aquarium filled with colorful, exotic fish.  If one of the little ones gets hungry, there is a mini fridge loaded with juices, fresh baked cookies on the counter.  Dr. Stevens has successfully taken his orthodontics clinic to the next level.

You see, Dr. Stevens gets it.  It is about the experience.  It’s not just about the patient experiencing a positive and professional level of service, but it’s also about the experience of those who are waiting, enjoying the atmosphere and amenities.

How many times have you visited a place of business and experienced a less than satisfactory visit?  There’s nothing more frustrating than going to buy your favorite item or product and having a blah blah blah experience.  How many blasé experiences will it take before your favorite is no longer your favorite?

If you are a local business and you’ve spent a lot of time and energy building a great physical store, you can’t neglect the digital landscape either.  Dr. Stevens understands that a comprehensive business will have a deep digital footprint, as well as a solid concrete foundation. Well done doctor!

Dr. Stevens has his blog at http://drlucasstevens.blogspot.com/

Dr. Stevens MySpace at: http://www.myspace.com/drlucasstevens

Stevens Orthodontics primary website at: http://www.stevensorthodontics.com/

Ps.  Don’t forget to brush!

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