Mint, the Derby, and a New Friend

Friday, the last day of the traditional work week, was a day that connected two unlikely dots along a plane of new friendship.  With my Tweetdeck open to All Friends, Tallahassee, Facebook: Friends Status, and Replies, I sat enjoying my favorite frappuccino.  Wrapping up a day of client visits and new business development planning, I was pleasantly interrupted by a complete stranger.

Some argue that the use of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter threaten the depths of our human relationships and separate society’s connection with the real world.  Others argue that what began as a social interactive platform is slowly becoming a superficial sea of subversive status updates and covert spamming.  I would offer the possibility that while those arguments have valid points, genuine connection is happening between both worlds.  Passion is the key to any authentic connection.

Embarrassingly, I recently have found the delicious and refreshing taste of the Mojito.  Traditionally made of five ingredients: white rum, sugar, lime, carbonated water, and mint, Mojitos are the perfect blend of fresh and exciting.  My first Mojito was at 101Mint last week while waiting to see Watchmen at IMAX.  I was hooked.  After hitting three stores trying to find fresh mint, I had to settle for the Mojito mixer.  Needless to say, my first attempt to create the sublime concoction in my kitchen was a disaster ending in a shelf bought mixer and a less than top shelf brand of rum.

Here is series of Twitter status updates from Friday between myself (TallyDigitalBiz) and RickOpp whom I have never met in real life, but follow on Twitter:

  • @RickOpp 2:33 PM May 1st from web:  about to go on a mint run — essential for juleps for Derby Day and mojitos for post-golf @ poolside Sunday.
  • @TallyDigitalBiz (2:54 PM May 1st from web in reply to RickOpp):let  me know where you find the mint “goods” i went to three stores and struck out, had to settle for just the mixer:
  • @RickOpp  3:33 PM May 1st (from TwitterBerry in reply to @TallyDigitalBiz): Tharpe Publix was out & produce guy said other Pubs may b out 2. Got last 2 pkgs @ Tharpe WinnDixie. Try calling others.
  • @TallyDigitalBiz (3:39 PM May 1st from TweetDeck): Enjoying free WiFi and a black and white at Starbucks on North Monroe
  • @RickOpp 3:46 PM MAY 1st via Direct Message Raise ur hand & wave right now.

At 3:46 PM on Friday May 1st while sitting in Starbucks on North Monroe, I hear a friendly voice ask; Are you Michael Winn? I reply, yes.  Reaching out to shake hands, I am handed a small package of fresh mint.  Stunned, I have just experienced the incredible power of connection between Twitter and real world friendships.  RickOpp, who I personally know now as Rick Oppenheim, have a Twitter story that will be told over and over.

In less than 73 minutes, two complete strangers found a common interest.  By the simple spirit of generosity and hospitality, two people now have a keystone to building something beyond Twitter updates, mint, and a 50 to 1 shot winning the Derby.

About tallydigitalbiz

As a Digital Media Consultant for small businesses and non-profits in Tallahassee, I have the opportunity to collaborate with the most creative and innovative people. Everyday is filled with new opportunities to partner with people who are passionate about what they do. The status quo isn't going to get you there. Website: Mobile: 850-980-9222
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