Incredible New Business Coming Soon

The status quo isn’t going to get you there and you know it. Like Mr. Incredible, you know you have something to do but you have resigned yourself to sulking behind the three quarter walls of cubical world and watching the clock tick tock, tick tock. How many meetings do you have to attend where all they talk about is how to have more meetings? How many more ridiculous internal/corporate emails will you endure? How many more days will you wake up hitting the snooze button over and over again because you just can’t stand the idea of driving to that place? Are you going to just sit and watch other people step out and follow their dream while yours withers and rots quietly in the dark gloomy corners of your heart?

For some people it takes a catastrophic event to push them out of the inoculated world they sleepwalk through day after day. For others, like Mr. Incredible, you just come to the breaking point and say, enough is enough. How many times have you heard your friends and family point out the obvious that you were meant to do ____________ and you shrug them off? Your excuses are: It’s too late; I’ll wait until the kids grow up; other people are so much better than I am; I tried it once before and I failed miserably.

Take my advice and write whatever that negative-life-sucking-phrase is on the bottom of your shoe and wipe the pavement with it today, before you end up throwing your boss through the walls sending him crashing into the lobby. Isn’t it obvious that the current models aren’t working? It’s possible that maybe your idea is the spark that could ignite a new business model or public service to the community.

If you were to stand up, take the next step, and move towards that idea or concept you’ve been tinkering with, your life will not be the same. Don’t worry, you won’t be alone; I promise. In fact, what you might find is that there is someone else out there with the second link to the chain of events that can really make both concepts come together. Collaboration is the nemesis of greed.

We need you. If you haven’t convinced yourself yet, go pick up Seth Godin’s little book Tribes. It should send you over the edge. It did for me. There’s a new incredible business coming soon and you are starting it. Let’s talk soon.

About tallydigitalbiz

As a Digital Media Consultant for small businesses and non-profits in Tallahassee, I have the opportunity to collaborate with the most creative and innovative people. Everyday is filled with new opportunities to partner with people who are passionate about what they do. The status quo isn't going to get you there. Website: Mobile: 850-980-9222
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