As a Digital Media Consultant for small businesses and non-profits in Tallahassee, I have the opportunity to collaborate with the most creative and innovative people. What does a Digital Media Consultant do?

In the Digital Age we live in today, my challenge is to connect the dots of traditional and social marketing within a company’s external websites and social media sites. With the use of social media as a marketing medium, I leverage emerging social media tools/sites into existing branded websites.

Why should your business employee such a strategy? Participation in social media sites, will optimize your company’s presence through user generated content, rich media and marketing campaign integration. I measure success through increases in branded website traffic, brand and product engagement, online sales, offline retail store leads, and increased customer engagement/loyalty.

My role as a Digital Media Consultant is to be an active participant within your marketing strategy team in quarterly/yearly forecasting and planning, analyzing trends, championing new web initiatives based on industry best practices.

Contact me today, lets continue the conversation…

Website: http://www.catalystcgllc.com
Mobile: 850-980-9222
Email: mwinn@catalystcgllc.com


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